It is impossible to pursue education reform without acknowledging the vital role of parents. Because parents are in the best position to shape and improve their children’s futures, Republicans have made great strides to ensure all parents – regardless of income – have an opportunity to make a real choice on behalf of their children’s education. Parental choice in education not only empowers individuals, it also encourages competition that spurs educational innovation and improves all schools, whether public or private. 

Thanks to our efforts, students trapped in underperforming schools finally have access to public school alternatives and supplemental education services such as private tutoring. The positive results of parental choice in education are seen in cities like Cleveland, Ohio, where parental choice programs have been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court. And despite special interest attempts to eliminate options for low-income parents in Washington, D.C., Republicans spearheaded a bipartisan initiative to reauthorize the D.C. school choice program, which provides scholarships to needy students to escape one of the most troubled school systems in the nation. 

Republicans believe we must build upon these successes until every parent has the opportunity to choose what is best for their child's education.