In the hearings and legislation section of the Education and the Workforce Committee website you can find detailed information about the committee’s official work. Consider it the parliamentary homepage – a place to find hearing testimony, voting records, legislative information, and much more.

In the electronic hearing archive you’ll find a detailed record of each official hearing held by the Education and the Workforce Committee and its subcommittees. This includes the Chairman's opening statement; written testimony from the witnesses; press releases and other related material; items submitted for the hearing record; and a video link to the archived webcast. Once the Government Printing Office releases its official printed hearing record, you’ll find that here too.

Similarly, the electronic markup archive provides a detailed record of each vote held by the committee. You can link directly to the legislative language on the Library of Congress’s THOMAS website and review each amendment submitted during the committee or subcommittee’s consideration. You’ll find voting records to show how each member voted on each amendment, and copies of opening statements, press releases, and other materials that provide context about the legislation on which the Members voted.

This section of the website also includes a dedicated legislation page, which allows users to track a bill from introduction through enactment. The legislation page also provides detailed lists of all bills referred to the Education and the Workforce Committee and each of its subcommittees and committee calendars coupled with a Status of Legislation chart to track these bills along their legislative journey.

The hearings and legislation section is also where you’ll find committee publications – a useful list of documents that includes: rules and practices for the committee and the U.S. House of Representatives; the committee’s annual budget views and estimates, which sets forth priorities for federal spending on education and workforce programs; a copy of the committee’s oversight plan; links to federal education and workforce laws; and links to printed hearings, committee reports, and committee calendars.

Thanks again for your interest in hearings and legislation.