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Foxx: DOL Doesn’t Check its Inbox

Today, House Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) sent a letter to Labor Department Secretary Marty Walsh regarding ignored requests for Labor Department Chief of Staff Daniel Koh’s calendar:

In the letter, Foxx writes: “As Republican Leader of the Committee on Education and Labor, it is my duty to ensure transparency and accountability from senior government officials. Following 10 months without requested information, it is this duty that leads me again to request information about Department of Labor (DOL) Chief of Staff Daniel Koh.”

“His move to a significant role in the White House makes my inquiries about his tenure as chief of staff at DOL even more important,” Foxx continues. “Your failure to provide the requested information about Mr. Koh’s calendars is another example of your apparent lack of respect for Congress and its oversight responsibilities. You are apparently unwilling to provide Members of Congress with as much consideration as you would for anyone making a request under the Freedom of Information Act.”

Read the full letter here.

Background: Rep. Foxx sent letters to Secretary Walsh on October 18, 2021, December 21, 2021, and April 1, 2022, which included requests for copies of Mr. Koh’s official calendars. 

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