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NLRB's Bad Behavior

Today, House Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) spoke on the House floor to address the far-left agenda of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB):

“The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) under the Biden administration is so tightly wound around the little finger of union bosses that circulation has been cut off entirely. Workers and employers are getting stiffed at every turn. Under Republican administrations, the NLRB took practical measures to protect the rights of workers and job creators—the times have indeed changed.

“The current NLRB’s radical leftward lurch proves one solitary thing: Democrats will always twist themselves into a legislative pretzel to push the progressive policies of Big Labor.

“We are seeing a concentrated effort by this NLRB to expand Big Labor’s power. For instance, the NLRB is exhuming policies from days-gone-by, like the Joy Silk doctrine, which would allow unions to organize a workplace without ever receiving majority support in a secret-ballot election.

“By eviscerating the secret ballot, a hallmark of democratic elections, card check makes workers more vulnerable to harassment from union organizers. Don’t forget, a prominent union leader testified before the House Education and Labor Committee that unions need workers’ personal information to harass them ‘at the grocery store,’ or in their own home to pressure them into supporting the union. His admission tells you all you need to know about the political hackery of unions today.

“The Biden-appointed NLRB General Counsel has also challenged longstanding precedent regarding employers’ right to educate their employees about the downsides of union representation. General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo believes that such efforts are ‘at odds’ with the ‘fundamental labor laws’ of this country. Yet this precedent was established in 1948, and no other General Counsel ever found reason to challenge such a significant precedent. Coincidence? I think not.

“With a union cheerleader as the NLRB General Counsel, the current NLRB is hell-bent on supporting the agenda of union bosses. Abruzzo is a former union executive and is pushing radical pro-union policies. Having former union employees serve in a union-regulating agency creates a clear conflict of interest, but under the Biden administration this is the norm, not the exception.

“Every level of the NLRB, and the Biden administration, is packed with former union employees—even his Labor Secretary was a former union boss who still walks the picket line! But such actions are totally on brand for this administration. President Biden swore to be the ‘most pro-union president’ in American history, and Big Labor is now the kingpin of this administration. At this rate, President Biden might as well be a stooge.

“Republicans must work to rein in the NLRB’s union zealotry. Its heavy-handed actions infringe upon the freedoms of workers, and hamstring employers.”

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