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Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Hits Hungry Students

“If nothing changes, we will not be able to feed our students anything.”

“The kitchens are stretched to the breaking point.”

“Something has to give before we lose our minds.”

“Does anyone hear us?”

Educators and school leaders are in crisis mode. Food supplies are drying up. And children, who have already lost a year of in-person learning, are now faced with the prospect of supply chain-related school closures.

The pain of Biden’s failed economic policies can be felt in children’s stomachs nationwide. Has Biden had to miss a meal since taking office?

Like taking candy away from babies, the Democrat party is inflicting pain and suffering for the sake for furthering a left-wing agenda.

Democrats knew their unprecedented federal spending would trample the economy but pushed ahead with reckless spending packages anyway. The result? Skyrocketing inflation and both supply chain and labor shortages, which prevented our economy from making a strong and swift recovery.

Schools have become microcosms of this trio of crises. Because of inflation, food costs more. Because of supply chain shortages, purchasing healthy ingredients in bulk is nearly impossible. And because of the labor shortage, both the businesses supplying the food and the kitchens preparing it do not have sufficient employees to feed the thousands of students relying on them for meals.  

This crisis was preventable. Decisions made in Washington, D.C. have real-world consequences. Unfortunately, students are learning that lesson simultaneously with the commander-in-chief.

If your economic policies result in starving children or force schools to close, you have not only failed, but entirely disqualified yourself from leading the free world.
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