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Murphy Bill Prevents Biden Admin from Prioritizing Critical Race Theory

Today, Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) introduced the Fight Radicalization of Elementary Education (FREE) Act, which will prohibit the Department of Education from encouraging school districts to adopt critical race theory curriculum using federal grant funding, thwarting the left’s attempt to indoctrinate students with its racist agenda.
“American taxpayers should not be funding the indoctrination of American children with an ideology that runs fundamentally against the words etched in the Declaration of Independence. Every person in this great country is created equally and should be afforded equal access to opportunity, yet critical race theory espouses the notion that individuals should be treated differently based solely on the color of their skin. This theory, which has been attacked by academics of both political persuasions as being fraudulent and without academic merit, is intentionally divisive in a time when we should seek unity. I call on Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration to renounce this divisive and counterproductive ideology once and for all by taking up and passing the FREE Act," said Rep. Greg Murphy.
Taxpayer dollars should not be spent to further an anti-American agenda. The Department of Education has displayed a pattern of putting liberal politics over students’ wellbeing. This attempt to push critical race theory will turn vitally important civics classes, which teach about our God-given rights and freedoms, into Socialism 101. This bill will prevent our schools from becoming an echo chamber for Democrat talking points,” said Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Republican Leader of the Committee on Education and Labor and co-sponsor of the bill.

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