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Foxx Responds to Biden’s Joint Address to Congress

Tonight, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the statement below following President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress:

“Tonight, President Biden outlined his vision for a socialist America, one that is fundamentally at odds with our Constitution. From free college tuition and government-designed child care, to union boss bailouts and a federal takeover of health care, this administration’s priorities are clear: advance a radically liberal agenda while hardworking taxpayers and their children foot the astronomical bill.
“Biden’s American Families Plan is an unwieldy and untargeted spending spree that fails to meet the needs of struggling students and families. To start, nothing in this plan will reopen the 54 percent of schools still not offering full-time, in-person learning, despite Biden’s assurance that they would reopen within his first 100 days as President.
“This plan doubles down on failing postsecondary education policies. Free college for the wealthy at the expense of the poor and free college for illegal immigrants, putting criminals ahead of taxpaying Americans, are not fair. The American Families Plan calls for a paid sick leave mandate that is too costly and disruptive for small businesses. It also designs a child care system that works best for the federal government, not families. Even worse, it leaves our children’s children on the hook to pay for it all.  
“The American Jobs Plan isn’t any better. Democrats know their PRO Union Bosses Act, which will eliminate state right to work laws and increase instances of union corruption, is unpopular, yet President Biden is demanding it be pushed through under the guise of ‘infrastructure’ as part of his American Jobs Plan. Biden presented this plan during his address as the key to workforce development and our COVID-19 economic recovery. Instead, this plan will throw more money at union-dominated programs, like registered apprenticeships, that are unworkable for small businesses without making real reforms to ensure dollars are well spent and targeted so more individuals gain in-demand skills. In the end, President Biden’s plan will make it more expensive to invest in the American economy, raise taxes on individuals and businesses, and shut many out of the workforce altogether.

“Last but not least, the President’s ‘solution’ for our nation’s health care system is a government takeover which would lead to less innovation and fewer lifesaving cures. Innovation made it possible to develop three COVID-19 vaccines in record time under Operation Warp Speed. I’d like to remind President Biden that without it, many more lives would have been lost.

“President Biden continues to preach that better days are ahead, but Speaker Pelosi seems desperate to keep the crisis going in a shameful attempt to justify radical, bloated, and misguided proposals. Although we’re on our way to a full recovery from COVID-19, I am fearful of the direction our country is headed after tonight’s address.”


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