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Foxx: “Biden’s American Families Plan is a socialist ploy to expand government overreach”

Today, Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee Virginia Foxx (R-NC) slammed President Biden for his American Families Plan, which allocates trillions of taxpayer dollars to support radical, far left policies that will exacerbate the federal debt and hurt the very people he intends on helping – families and job creators:

“President Biden’s American Families Plan is yet another socialist ploy to expand government overreach into American homes and families. Child care and postsecondary education need reform, but we cannot spend our way out of this problem. Republicans stand at the ready to work with Democrats on a bipartisan proposal that delivers real solutions for families. Unfortunately, my colleagues on the left think adding a few zeros to the budget and imposing mandates on job creators for a progressive wish list will solve America’s woes. Instead, they’re turning billion-dollar problems into trillion-dollar nightmares.

“If the American Families Plan actually intends to help families, then I implore President Biden to advocate for safe school reopenings, support novel initiatives that put America’s workforce first, and encourage job creators to continue driving our nation’s economic recovery.”


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