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Foxx: "No innovation, investment, or solutions, just more of the failed status quo from House Democrats"

Today, House Democrats passed H.R. 1425, a socialist health care scheme that doubles down on the failures of the Affordable Care Act, limits access to new medicines and cures, and will contribute to skyrocketing healthcare costs.
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee, said on the House floor prior to the vote:

"Propagandists have said that if one repeats a lie often enough, people will soon believe the lie and not the truth. Our colleagues are entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts or rewriting history.

"I want to repeat some comments from my Texas colleague, Mr. Brady, who spoke earlier in this debate. Republicans support children, seniors, and patients with preexisting conditions. Republicans created the popular children's health insurance program that millions of families rely on today. Republicans created the prescription drug program in Medicare to help seniors get the medicine they need. Republicans created the first law that established protections for patients with preexisting conditions. That law passed in 1996 is the Health Insurance and Portability Act of 1996. We want people to have access to high quality, affordable health care that fits their needs and make their own choices, not what Speaker Pelosi demands for them.

"The devastating effects of COVID-19 are still being felt across our nation, yet today Democrats are spending time pushing a deeply flawed, partisan bill that is being used to score cheap political points instead of working on bipartisan solutions like lowering drug costs, ending surprise billing, and getting our economy back on its feet. 

"We’re left with H.R. 1425, a radical bill which will limit health care choices, increase costs, and double down on the failures of the Affordable Care Act

"No innovation, investment, or solutions, just more of the failed status quo from House Democrats which will go nowhere after the vote today. 

"Contrary to what Speaker Pelosi said, Democrats do not and cannot in this bill guarantee affordability of health care. What they do guarantee is government control with rationing, fewer cures, and less freedom for Americans. Republicans believe in just the opposite.

"I strongly urge a no vote on H.R. 1425."