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ICYMI: Committee Republicans Highlight Apprenticeships

In case you missed it... Education and Labor Committee Republicans took to the house floor last week to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week and the important role apprenticeships play in connecting students with the skills they need to build a successful life.

Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC): “Our nation has seven million unfilled jobs. A 2018 survey of U.S. employers showed that nearly half of all job creators struggle to hire employees with the right skills for the job. Apprenticeships offer one of the strongest solutions to closing the skills gap…”

Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI): “Apprenticeships are good for employers, good for workers and good for our country. [We} must do more to expand and promote apprenticeship programs.”

Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA): “The Republican led Congress and President Trump jump started America’s economy, making it the best in the world. There has never been a better time to enter the workforce. However, every time I am back in the district I hear about the need for skilled workers. That is why apprenticeships are absolutely vital to developing America’s future workforce.”

Rep. James Comer (R-KY): “…I hear from employers of all sizes and industries that they are unsatisfied with recent graduates’ credentials and are lacking workers with the skills necessary to perform the duties for their job. …[I] look forward to future opportunities to support employers, provide skills development for those already employed, and enhance the jobs and generations of the future.”

Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD): “…apprentices take free training classes while working 40 hours a week in their trade. They earn while they learn. Unlike most traditional 4-year college students, these apprentices finish their program with a license, a skilled craft, and most often a full-time job.”

Rep. Fred Keller (R-PA): “…apprenticeships across the country have proven to grow the economy, lower student loan debt, and lead to family-sustaining careers.”

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