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A Change of Course for All Americans

Fewer than one-third of Americans are satisfied with the direction in which the country is moving, and the economy continues to rank as the most important problem we face as a nation. As House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) explained after last month’s troubling jobs report:

Millions of Americans are being left behind in an anemic economy that has failed to deliver the opportunities working families desperately need. We have to do better and put this country back on a path toward prosperity. That requires a change in course … and it’s why House Republicans are focused on a pro-growth agenda that will lead to more good-paying jobs and a stronger economy for all Americans.

Republicans detailed one part of that “change in course” today, unveiling A Better Way to Grow Our Economy. The third part of a bold agenda to tackle the country’s challenges, the plan is aimed at making it easier to work, invest, produce, and build in America. Our agenda puts students and workers first with policies that will:

  • Support startups and small businesses by giving them a real say in the rules that affect their workplaces and by cutting down on roadblocks to growth.

  • Regulate only where needed to put an end to creating solutions in search of problems.

  • Stop bad regulations in their tracks by requiring Congress—the men and women elected to make laws—to approve all rules that would cost the economy more than $100 million a year.

  • Make it easier for more Americans to go to college by supporting academic freedom, controlling compliance costs, and encouraging innovation.

  • Help more Americans retire with dignity by making it easier for workers to receive financial advice and information about their benefits.

  • Stop union favoritism by reining in the National Labor Relations Board, guaranteeing fair union elections, and ensuring labor policies promote the best interests of all workers.

These are just a handful of the responsible solutions that will promote competition, build a stronger economy for all Americans, and deliver a regulatory system that works for us and with us—not against us.

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