• Day 1 of Democrats’ Markup of Partisan College #unAffordability Act
    Oct 30, 2019  - Yesterday, the House Committee on Education and Labor began considering a partisan proposal that will cost taxpayers billions, limit educational freedom, and contribute to exploding college costs. Committee Republicans offered commonsense measures to improve the bill, but they were blocked by Democr... More
  • Democrats’ College #unAffordability Act: What They’re Saying
    Oct 30, 2019  - Today, the House Committee on Education and Labor continued its consideration of the Democrats’ so-called College Affordability Act. Instead of working with Committee Republicans on a bipartisan proposal to fix our broken higher education system, the Democrats are advancing legislation that doubles ... More
  • Foxx: Democrat Minimum Wage Bill Hurts Job Creators, Workers and Families
    Jul 16, 2019  - Today at the House Republican leadership’s press conference, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee, spoke about the negative impact the Democrats’ minimum wage proposal (H.R. 582) will have on job creators, workers, and families. Below are excerpts and vi... More
  • National Charter School Week—honoring the opportunity to bring education choice to families
    May 15, 2019  - As we celebrate National Charter School Week, watch Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Republican Leader Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA), talk about the importance of charter schools in giving families the opportunity to decide the best educational environment for their stud... More
  • About that hearing (“Pro Act” Edition)…
    May 9, 2019  - Last week, Democrats spent the better half of a day grilling Labor Secretary Acosta with shots aimed at undermining the roaring economy and bemoaning the additional hard-earned money sitting in American pockets. They followed up this week with a hearing hailing labor unions as the cure for many of s... More
  • Stronger CAPTA
    May 8, 2019  - The Committee on Education and Labor just unanimously reported H.R. 2480, the bipartisan Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (Stronger CAPTA). Next stop: the Floor of the House of Representatives. To watch the video, click here. To read the Stronger CAPTA fact sheet, click here. # # # More
  • Why Democrats wanted a Medicare-for-All hearing *without* workers
    Apr 30, 2019  - Democrats and health care legislation. Every time they get in a room together, American workers pay the price—in hard-earned money and peace of mind. Today, a Pelosi-controlled committee that doesn’t have expertise in or jurisdiction over health care is meeting to discuss the future of Medicare-for-... More