Workers’ disenchantment with union representation has created a real crisis for union bosses. But instead of increasing transparency and accountability to serve their members better, union leaders are exerting their political influence to demand radical national labor laws that would allow them to consolidate power, coerce workers, line their own pockets, and bolster their own political agendas.

H.R. 2474, the "Protecting the Right to Organize" (PRO) Act

Hearings and Markups

Press Releases

Democrats Pass Union Boss Wish List at Workers Expense  September 25, 2019
"The bill before us takes our labor laws backwards. The future of work in America should not be governed by the radical and coercive policies contained in this legislation..."

Foxx, Walberg Urge Committee Dems to Investigate Union Corruption
  September 19, 2019
“Given this Committee’s jurisdiction over the Labor Management Relations Act (LMRA) and other federal statutes governing labor-management relations, we believe it is essential the Committee confront the widespread, brazen lawbreaking by union leaders who purport to represent nearly 150,000 American autoworkers but have betrayed their trust in favor of self-enrichment..."

About that hearing (“Pro Act” Edition)  May 9, 2019
"The radical and misguided “PRO Act” (H.R. 2474) hurts the American worker, infringes on his or her individual privacy and Constitutional rights, and does nothing to contribute to a more lucrative and thriving economy..."

Empower Workers, Not Union Bosses  March 26, 2019
"Federal law unequivocally protects workers’ right to organize, and Republicans and Democrats respect this right. Nevertheless, organized labor has pushed for changes to federal labor laws that would give union bosses even more power than they already have today..."

Letters of Opposition

National Association of Home Builders
"Implementation of this legislation would come at the cost of small businesses and their workers – stifling communications, infringing on privacy, and stripping the balance from labor-management relations..."

Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association
"The motor vehicle supplier industry has long had a balanced and productive relationship between employers and employees with respect to labor and workforce rules. However, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act (H.R. 2474) would shift that balance, resulting in greater costs imposed on suppliers, impacting their ability to manage their workforce and provide jobs..."

Independent Electrical Contractors
“The purpose of this legislation is simply to increase union membership through drastic changes to well-established labor law at the expense of the rights of employees and employers…”

National Retail Federation
"H.R. 2474 would eliminate workers' free choice in union elections, critical privacy rights and right-to-work protections..."

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
"H.R. 2474 would drastically reshape the construction industry and America's workplaces by stripping employees and employers of their constitutionally protected rights and hand power over to politically powerful union bosses..."

National Restaurant Association
“This legislation attempts to resurrect failed overreaching policies from the previous administration in an aggressive partisan power-grab that would bolster the power of unions over the interests of employees and their employers...”

60+ Groups to Congress: Defend American Workers from Union Coercion and Oppose the Pro Act 
“We oppose the PRO Act because the legislation would harm workers and taxpayers by codifying many Obama-era rules and decisions that led to higher unemployment and a stagnant economy...”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
"This bill would abolish any sense of balance between union rights and employer rights in labor organizing and negotiations by explicitly eliminating employers as a party in elections to determine if a union would represent that employer's workforce..." 

International Franchise Association
"Plainly stated, this legislation would eradicate the franchise business model, which is comprised over 733,000 establishments that employ over 7 million individuals and contribute $674.4 billion of economic output to the U.S. economy..."

American Hotel and Lodging Association
"Our employees are the backbone of our hotels, but without stable and reliable rules and regulations around our workforce, we cannot thrive and continue to offer lifelong careers in our industry..."

Competitive Enterprise Institute
"The Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2019 (H.R. 2474) would radically overhaul United States labor relations law to facilitate labor union organizing without regard to the negative consequences on workers, consumers, employers, and the economy..."

American Pipeline Contractors Association
"Like the misguided EFCA, the PRO Act contains provisions that would allow arbitrators with no business experience and no accountability to set contract terms. The arbitrator's decision would be compulsory, regardless of whether the parties find the terms unacceptable or the arbitrator miscalculated what the company can actually afford..."

Power and Communication Contractors Association
"PCCA opposes the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO) Act (HR 2474), which is little more than an attempt to increase union membership at any cost..."

National Association of Manufacturers
"As introduced, the bill erodes the rights of America's workers by stripping them of their privacy, their wages, and their freedom of choice..."

National Federation of Independent Business
"The small business economic engine is on fire. Small businesses are investing in their businesses by creating jobs, increasing compensation, and purchasing new equipment. Infringing upon the freedoms of small business owners and their employees will cause crippling economic damage..."

Society for Human Resource Management
"This legislation requires the disclosure of employees' home addresses, work locations, shifts, job classifications; and, if available, cell and landline numbers along with work and personal email addresses personally identifiable information that deserves the utmost protection..."

What They're Saying

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