• “Ambush” Election Rule

    In December 2014, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) finalized a radical rule that denies workers, employers, and union members access to fair union elections. The rule also jeopardizes the privacy of workers and their families. Republicans ha... Read More >>

  • “Persuader” Rule

    In March 2016, the Department of Labor finalized a partisan “persuader” rule that was later blocked by a federal judge. Republicans will always work to protect workers and employers from radical policies like these that restrict free speech, stifle w... Read More >>

  • Career and Technical Education

    Career and technical education (CTE) has helped countless men and women acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the workforce. By empowering state and local leaders, improving alignment with in-demand jobs, increasing transparency an... Read More >>

  • Child Nutrition

    Republicans have put forward responsible solutions that will give schools the flexibility they need to provide students healthy meals without prohibitive costs imposed by Washington. Congress will continue working to deliver more flexibility and acco... Read More >>

  • Empowering Parents

    It is impossible to pursue education reform without acknowledging the vital role of parents. Because parents are in the best position to shape and improve their children’s futures, Republicans have made great strides to ensure all parents – regardles... Read More >>

  • Health Care

    The flawed 2010 health care law has led to higher costs, limited choices, and fewer jobs. The American people deserve a better way to access quality, affordable health care. That’s why Republicans are working to repeal the law and provide a stable tr... Read More >>

  • Higher Education

    Providing positive, commonsense reforms to strengthen our higher education system remains a leading priority for Republicans. By empowering students and families to make informed decisions; simplifying and improving the student aid process; ensuring ... Read More >>

  • Jobs

    Republicans are committed to pro-growth policies that will empower every American to achieve a lifetime of success and opportunity. Congress needs to remove regulatory barriers that are holding back workers and entrepreneurs, improve the nation’s edu... Read More >>

  • Joint-Employer Rule

    Republicans support efforts to restore the well-established “joint-employer” standard that was upended by the Obama National Labor Relations Board. Congress needs to do everything possible to ensure federal policies support the ability of small busin... Read More >>

  • Juvenile Justice

    Promoting safe and healthy communities for children to learn and grow into productive members of society is a national priority. That’s why Republicans will continue to support collaborative efforts among parents, teachers, and local leaders to benef... Read More >>

  • Leadership & Results

    Under the leadership of Chairman John Kline, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce has been working hard on behalf of students, small business owners, teachers, and working families. And by improving education, retirement, job training, ... Read More >>

  • Micro-Unions

    In 2011, the National Labor Relations Board discarded well-established policies that promoted unity in workplaces and allowed for an appropriate group of employees to vote in a union election. Instead, the board issued a decision that empowered union... Read More >>

  • Multiemployer Pension Reforms

    In 2014, the bipartisan Multiemployer Pension Reform Act was signed into law by former President Obama to strengthen the multiemployer pension system. The law provides trustees with the tools they need to rescue failing plans, protect the savings of ... Read More >>

  • Oversight

    Republicans are committed to conducting robust oversight and holding the executive branch accountable for how it spends taxpayer dollars and administers the law — regardless of who is in the White House. Ensuring the federal government is efficient, ... Read More >>

  • PreK-12 Education

    The bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act ended the Washington-knows-best approach and restored state and local control to K-12 education. Republicans are working to ensure the Every Student Succeeds Act is implemented according to the letter and int... Read More >>

  • Preserving Access to Retirement Advice

    Regulatory barriers like the “fiduciary” rule make it harder for Americans to save for retirement. Republicans are committed to strengthening protections for retirement savers while preserving access to affordable retirement advice for working famili... Read More >>

  • Protecting Upward Mobility and Workplace Flexibility

    Federal overtime rules are outdated and overly complex. Republicans support efforts to streamline and modernize the existing maze of federal overtime rules while protecting workers, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and colleges and universi... Read More >>

  • Responsible Budgeting and Spending

    American taxpayers invest tens of billions of dollars each year to improve our schools, expand college access, provide training and assistance to job seekers, and maintain safe, fair, democratic workplaces. These investments are important, but experi... Read More >>

  • Retirement Security

    House Republicans are focused on preserving access to affordable retirement advice, expanding retirement options for workers and employers, and modernizing the multiemployer pension system. Additionally, pro-growth policies are needed to support good... Read More >>

  • Teacher Quality

    Giving our children the best education possible begins by giving them effective teachers. Republicans have long stressed the importance of quality teachers to children’s success, a position reinforced through our support of the policies necessary to ... Read More >>

  • Union Democracy

    All Americans should be free to pursue opportunity in the workforce. Whether or not workers choose to join a union, they do not relinquish their right to basic democratic principles. Republicans will continue to fight to protect the rights of all wor... Read More >>

  • Workforce Development

    For men and women trying to succeed in the workforce, having the right knowledge, skills, and experience has never been more important. That’s why Republicans will continue to put forward positive reforms to ensure all workers are equipped to compete... Read More >>

  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

    The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act streamlines America’s workforce development system by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, closing the skills gap, and providing greater accountability. Republicans will continue to support reforms to ensure ... Read More >>

  • Workplace Safety

    Republicans will continue to make workplace safety a top priority by advocating for strong enforcement of existing laws, as well as encouraging greater collaboration between enforcement officials, employers, safety experts, and interested stakeholder... Read More >>