Welcome to the Committee on Education and Labor Republican website at the U.S. House of Representatives. As the Republican Leader of the committee, I appreciate your interest in the work we are doing on behalf of students, parents, workers, business owners and families.

Throughout the 116th Congress, Committee Republicans will continue to promote bold reforms and stop misguided and unnecessary policies so that students can learn, workers can succeed, and employers can grow their businesses.

At all times, we will strive in our service to hold the federal government to the highest standards of accountability, with a constant eye towards eliminating overreach and inefficiency.

Our relentless commitment to good policy will be guided by the Constitution and focused on promoting access to high quality education for students and safe and productive workplaces for working Americans.

Committee Republicans are ready to do our part to make prosperity a reality for all Americans.

Rep. Virginia Foxx
Republican Leader
House Committee on Education and Labor

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